Medical Beauty Center

Plastic Surgery
in Gothenburg

We offer cosmetic, Aesthetic and
Reconstructive surgery

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The best, latest and safest in medical skin care.

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Welcome to Medical Beauty Center

Medical & Beauty Center is multi-purpose group of Clinic in Gothenburg which are focused on medical tourism to Sweden. We offer high quality medical, surgical, plastic surgical and medical beauty services to all the patients from all around the world who are looking for high quality and safety of their treatments.

Medical Beauty Center

Full service Beauty Clinic BBL, Breast Aug, Nose, Facelift, Lipo

Non surgical procedures

The clinic also holds a pristine reputation in filler injections

Specialized in body transformation

Experts in Liposuction, Nose Job and Breast Augmentation


Liposuction experts in all areas of the body

The best, latest and safest in medical skin care

We offer the best, latest and safest in medical skin care to be able to preserve a youthful appearance without harming your body.

Our experienced specialists perform treatments with artistic design for a natural end result.

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We have been in Gothenburg since 2005 as part of the Laser & Aesthetics group. We work in modern premises that are adapted to our business as we perform everything from laser surgery, cosmetic laser treatments, skin care treatments, injection treatments and hair removal.