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Medical Beauty Center offers cosmetic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery.

Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction are some of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures at Medical Beauty Center.

We have developed an impeccable reputation for our patients stunning, natural-looking results and high satisfaction.


Breast Augmentation


Brazilian Butt Lift




The best, latest and safest in medical skin care

We offer the best, latest and safest in medical skin care to be able to preserve a youthful appearance without harming your body. Our experienced specialists perform treatments with artistic design for a natural end result.

You will find a welcoming environment where you will be taken care of by our dedicated, friendly and professional staff to make you feel safe and secure.

Medical Beauty Center will give you the best care and service in medical skin care and minimal invasive aesthetic surgery from the moment you enter the reception, until you are finished.

The overall concept is based on a combination of professionalism, kindness, research and medical expertise, which is a prerequisite for achieving the best, natural results in rejuvenation care.

In addition to delivering the latest and greatest treatment technologies and methods in medical skin care and minimal invasive aesthetic surgery, we will assist our clients with ongoing course activities and follow-up so that you are constantly updated with the latest in the international arena.


  • Decoria
  • Restylane
  • Filorga
  • Dermaroller
  • NeoStrata
  • Exuviance
  • Synchroline
  • Emervel
  • Botox
  • Azzalure

Kiarash Moradi

The first to develop the Vampire filler technique

HQ for Decoria Academy

Medical Beauty Center run and operate Decoria academy since 2019 for Bohus Biotech

Bison distributor

Medical Beauty Center is the exclusive nordic distributor of all BISON Medical Equipment

Fat liposuction experts

MBC is widely known for the expertise and skills when it comes to hard to remove fat deposits and body sculpting